11 November 2009

Round table economics discussion - 2009-11-10

In this episode of the Optimistic Bear round-table economics discussion our panelists (Kevan & Jeremy) discuss the definitions of inflation and deflation, and whether government policy makers actually understand economics or are willfully driving the economy into a deeper hole. The Optimistic Bear's attempts at finding hope from economic trauma, with the belief that the depression will cure the mal-investments, are tempered by Jeremy's comparison to the rise of Fascism in 1930s Germany, and Kevan's concerns that the lack of US savings, and massive unfunded liabilities cannot possible lead to a happy ending.

This is a recording of the innaugural live broadcast of the Optimistic Bear weekly discussion.

NOTE: Tune in to the weekly economics round-table discussions to hear the latest from the Optimistic Bear. You can view the complete list of Practical Economics podcasts to hear conversations with the experts.

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