17 November 2009

Job search trenches: Christian Buckley says job searches take patience and a willingness to volunteer

In this episode of "Tales from the job search trenches", Christian Buckley talks about how job candidates have to stay busy, doing projects, and work, to keep them mentally fit, and in an optimistic mood, even if that next great role is taking a while to appear. After departing from Microsoft, it took Christian nearly 6 months to find his new position, and this was with a company he had talked with, and kept meeting with, from his first days as a job seeker. His efforts of providing free consulting, and help with clients, for his new employer eventually landed him the job he was after. Candidates need to be patient, and willing to give their time and expertise freely.

Check out http://buckleyplanet.typepad.com/ for more information on Christian's journey in the job search world, and his happy ending with a new employer.

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