09 November 2009

Job search tales: The first step of every job search is to know thyself

In this episode of "Tales from the job search trenches", Mark Richards tells how his efforts to help fellow job seekers, with blogs and networking groups, led to landing his own ideal role. He also explains that one of the first things every candidate needs to do is an realistic assessment of their goals and objectives. Make sure you really are the type of person that companies are looking for in the field you are targeting. On the other hand, don't just jump into retraining for new careers (or certifications) without some serious examination of your current goals. Don't jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Check out http://candidateschair.com/ for the extensive list of resources, and advice, that Mark has put together to help job seekers.

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NOTE: Please contact Michael if you are interested in being a guest on "Tales from the job search trenches" podcasts. Michael would like to discuss your job search strategy, and brainstorm ways to improve it with you.

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