17 November 2009

EPNW: Chris Early offers training and network opportunities to Seattle startups

In this episode of "Entrepreneurs Northwest" Chris Early explains how the Founder Institute can be a great resource for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to learn from others who have built successful businesses of their own, as well as network with other attendees. A unique equity sharing system for all attendees, giving everyone a stake in their respective ventures, fosters a great spirit of cooperation that lives on. Chris also talks about the discipline, and approach to innovation he learned at Microsoft, and believes there are plenty of ways that nimble startups can compete with with the giant.

Check out the Founder Institute at http://www.founderinstitute.com/. They offer courses in several cities including Seattle.

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NOTE: Check out the complete podcast directory of discussions with entrepreneurs. If you would like to be a guest on Entrepreneurs Northwest, to talk about your business venture, contact Michael Surkan.

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