26 November 2009

Job search tales: The human touch still matters when selecting candidates at Google

In this episode of "Tales from the job search trenches", Beverly Friedman talks about the challenges she faces doing recruiting at Google, and what candidates do to torpedo their chances. Its no surprise that Google uses automated tools to help sort through the deluge of applicants, but in the end a human being still looks at the resumes and having a friend in the company helps.

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  1. Wow Michael, Sounds like Beverly echoed almost our exact discussion when you sought my advice 6 months ago. About the only thing she didn't relate is that when you send your resume to someone you know at Google, the employee is bonused if they send your resume into the HR database and you're eventually hired, a practice known as "referral bonus programs". So when you send your resume to a friend...IF they pass it along, you end up in the same database as if you applied online.

    For strategies of how to get out of the black hole and get seen, check out my blog featuring some of the advice I gave Michael at http://reCareered.blogspot.com .

    Phil Rosenberg
    President, reCareered

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