11 November 2009

EPNW: Bryan Cox shares marketing tips from the entertainment industry

In this episode of "Entrepreneurs Northwest" Bryan Cox explains how his experience in the entertainment industry has taught him a lot about entrepreneurship and marketing. The new world of Internet Radio is hungry for content, and on-line resources make it easy for entrepreneurs to issue press releases and volunteer to help journalists as experts. With a combination of press releases and direct e-mailing to internet radio shows, Bryan has been able to build an audience of 500,000 for his most recent commedy sketch. Tune in to hear Bryan explain how any entrepreneur can publicize themselves, and their products.

Bryan also put his expertise with Radio to work by producing the great new introduction piece you will hear on the Entrepreneurs Northwest show. Check out http://www.coxmarketing.ca/ to get in touch with Bryan, and get links to all the resources we discussed in the podcast.

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NOTE: Check out the complete podcast directory of discussions with entrepreneurs. If you would like to be a guest on Entrepreneurs Northwest, to talk about your business venture, contact Michael Surkan.

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