20 December 2010

Job Search Tales: Take control of your job search - pay for placement

In this episode Scott Avidon talks about how his efforts to offer a commission for a successful job referral has resulted in an abundance of interviews and job offers. Ironically, most people who contact Scott with job opportunities don’t want to be compensated, but the very act of offering a commission has gotten Scott a lot of welcome attention, even leading to an interview on CNN. Scott has a great background in creative product development and marketing but it wasn’t getting him very far in his job search until he began his unorthodox job search approach. Scott talks about how the competitive job market has made it critical for candidates be creative to stand out from the crowd.

You can check out Scott’s web site and CNN interview here:
Download the sound(right click and save as link) : Download

NOTE: Please contact Michael if you are interested in being a guest on "Tales from the job search trenches" podcasts. Michael would like to discuss your job search strategy, and brainstorm ways to improve it with you.

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