02 December 2010

EPNW: Pressing the flesh in Seattle: There is no substitute for face-to-face networking to

In this episode Ralf Wiebeck shares his insights on how networking events (like the ones he organizes) can be the key to finding leads and growing businesses. Don’t spread yourself too thin… It is better to keep going to the same networking events month after month, establishing firm relationships, than to keep going to new meetups every week. It’s not the size of your rolodex that counts, but the quality of the relationships you have with the people you know.
In this episode

You can find out, and sign-up for, the business networking events Ralf (and his wife Amy) host every week in Seattle here:

Download the sound(right click and save as link) : Download

NOTE: Check out the complete podcast directory of discussions with entrepreneurs. If you would like to be a guest on Entrepreneurs Northwest, to talk about your business venture, contact Michael Surkan.

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