05 January 2011

The Message Matters: Internet Marketing 101

Here are a series of short podcasts I recorded that outline how to create EFFECTIVE internet marketing programs through LinkedIn and podcasting.

In episode 1 I explain what social networking is and how companies can use it for marketing. While companies should definitely use Facebook and Twitter, the real focus should be on podcasting and direct marketing.

In episode 2 I outline how every internet marketing program begins with on the “soft” side by generating content, which can be blog articles, white papers or (and most especially) podcasts.

In episode 3 I talk about “hard” internet marketing. This is all about how LinkedIn can be used for highly targeted (and effective) direct mail campaigns.

NOTE: Check out the complete podcast directory of discussions with entrepreneurs. If you would like to be a guest on Entrepreneurs Northwest, to talk about your business venture, contact Michael Surkan.

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