24 January 2011

Linked:Seattle members on YouTube - in their own words

NOTE: Don't forget to register for the February 16th Linked:Seattle meetup. You can find details and register here: http://bit.ly/lsmeetup

Tables are available for anyone wishing to promote their company with brochures or a small display. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a meetup sponsor please you can find more details at http://bit.ly/lssponsor. Early sponsors will be mentioned in a group announcement.

Listen to Linked:Seattle members are share their experiences, and tips, of working with the community to help their businesses and careers.

Corinne Cavanaugh of http://www.freeseattlesocially.com/linked.html is coming to the February 16th meetup.

Carol Mason Mortarotti of http://carolmortarotti.com - helping businesses with mobile and social media marketing.

Kelly Clay from www.lockergnome.com interviewed Linked:Seattle meetup attendees on January 20th, 2011.

Michael Surkan and Susan J. Moore discuss how a little preparation can turn the large Linked:Seattle meetups into successful social networking events. You can find details and register to upcoming meetups here: http://bit.ly/lsmeetup

NOTE: Click here for a list of all the Linked:Seattle radio show recordings. You can also check out my own "Entrepreneurs Northwest" podcast shows (http://bit.ly/epnwfeed).

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