24 November 2011

The Last Thing You Want For A Successful Software Project Is To Write Code.

In this Practical Software show, SEP group member Marten van der Tempel, a consulting partner with 4ton, shares the secrets he has devised to lead successful software outsourcing projects. It all starts with and objective and in-depth specifications, according to Marten, followed by a deep understanding of the customer. It not good enough to just know that you are writing software for accounts, but it is also critical to know WHY accountants need this software.

When it comes to specifications, being specific and detailed is important if you want a successful outsourcing experience. Marten also explains how visualizations or wire-frames, of exactly what the user interface should look like are even more useful than text specifications. Communication with people who may not speak your native language is hard enough and distance only makes things worse. Use as many screen mock-ups, wire-frames, and visualizations as you can. The worst thing you can do on any software project is to start writing code before the goals, end-users, and specifications are fully understood.

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