14 July 2014

A cloud for every season – who says you only need one cloud solution?

In this episode of the Uhuru podcast show Rob Reynolds, a senior software developer and creator of Chocolatey, explains how he uses a variety of different cloud computing solutions for hosting his applications. Amazon’s EC2 is great for streaming and AppHarbor is brilliant for integration with Git and easy hosting of apps. Azure was overpriced and difficult, but they have made a lot of improvements recently which Rob thinks might warrant a second look. Rob suggests that anyone trying to offer a cloud computing product should consider the freemum model. Offer some capabilities for free and charge for add-ons.
It was fascinating to hear Rob talk about his initiatives to create theChocolatey and Chuck Norris Open Source initiatives that are adding using capabilities to the Windows world. Who says Open Source is only about Linux?
You can read Rob’s blog here:

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