14 November 2011

Outsourcing Jujitsu –off-shore Teams Can Transfer Knowledge To You!

In this Practical Software show, SEP group member David Read, CTO at Blue Slate Solutions, talks about how to make outsourcing work. He points out that it takes longer than most people think to integrate new individuals into your team and projects. Communication is certainly critical, but the management methodology actually doesn’t matter that much. David suggests picking the best methodology for your culture since they all can work well with outsourcing.

David does raise a very interesting non-traditional way of using outsourcing as a means to acquire skills in your own team. There is such a wealth of trained talent abroad these days that it is often possible to find people who have deep experience in areas where your business wants to grow. You can hire these people as a means of doing a reverse knowledge transfer, having them educate your team in new technologies or skills.

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