21 October 2009

The world's best financial & economics analyst

I would like to announce that www.surkan.com has just joined the affiliate program of Elliott Wave International. This is the financial newsletter service that I have come to view as indispensable. I have been a subscriber for years, and find that their analysts are the closest to my own views of anything there is.

The EWI view that society, and the economy, moves in cycles (or waves, in their parlance), has had a profound impact on my view of economics and the world. It’s not the “news” that drives the big changes in society, rather it is changes in society that create the news.

I have never fully bought into the complex wave theory that EWI uses, with which they will plot (and predict) trends in the stock market, but their general technical analyses has been dead on the money as to where the economy was headed, even if their timing hasn’t always been the best. EWI is one of the only authorities to call for deflation (which they still maintain is ahead), and they were way ahead in seeing the growing financial storm that was brewing. Astonishingly, EWI has held these bearish views without falling into the trap of conspiracy theories, blaming everything on nefarious cabals and manipulators.

I whole-heartedly recommend EWI to all of my readers. They have a free membership service (Club EWI), which allows you to access some basic articles, and they have various levels of paid subscriptions to the different newsletters they offer.

Right now EWI is offering a free series of courses based on Bob Prechter’s book “Conquer the Crash”, which offers very useful advice on protecting yourself from the growing depression.

Incidentally, I had the great privilege of going to lunch with Bob Prechter (the EWI founder) when he was visiting Seattle earlier this year.

In the interests of full disclosure, as an EWI affiliate member I do gain a commission for all subscribers (even the ones using the free Club EWI service) that come from Surkan.com. If you do decide to sign up to EWI (which I highly recommend), please use the links on Surkan.com (in the advertisement banners, or this post) so that I will get some credit.