01 November 2010

Making the most of Linked:Seattle meetups

Michael Surkan and Susan J. Moore discuss how a little preparation can turn the large Linked:Seattle meetups into successful social networking events. Whether you are an executive, professional, entrepreneur, job-seeker or recruiter, Linked:Seattle meetups offer one of the best ways to make valuable connections to help with your business or career needs. Anyone can join Linked:Seattle (http://bit.ly/LinkedSeattle).

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the upcoming meetup. You can check out the attendee list, and RSVP yourself here:

A special thanks to Greg Palmer for producing this excellent video.

NOTE: Click here for a list of all the Linked:Seattle radio show recordings. You can also check out my own "Entrepreneurs Northwest" podcast shows (http://bit.ly/epnwfeed).

1 comment:

  1. Good information and tips, Michael. Thanks for sharing with us. You guys keep this hard and inspirational work; say hi to Greg, it's a nice and clear video.

    Sol Gonzalez (from your meetup group)