21 November 2010

Linked:Seattle makes the news!

Wow! Our Linked:Seattle meetups were written up in the Seattle Times. Our monthly gatherings may have started as just an ad-hoc experiment this summer, but they have grown so much they are getting attention from the media.


This article does a great job of discussing how Linked:Seattle meetups can be useful for job seekers, but it’s useful to point out that our gatherings tend to be very broad, drawing in business professionals and entrepreneurs as well as those seeking employment. Actually, this is what makes our group so unique (and useful).

When it comes to meetups and social networking, be sure to check out the video Susan J. Moore and I made with advice on how to make the most of networking events.

NOTE: Click here for a list of all the Linked:Seattle radio show recordings. You can also check out my own "Entrepreneurs Northwest" podcast shows (http://bit.ly/epnwfeed).

1 comment:

  1. So wonderful to see this type of coverage! Michael is an excellent example of a professional job seeker who is taking advantage of technology, networking, social media, etc. to make connections, learn new things, and help others grow as well. Now THIS is a true example of a job search *strategy.*
    -Kelly Harrington
    Professional Career Coach