27 April 2010

job search tales: Making the recruiter your best friend

In this episode Ryan Lum explains how building relationships with recruiters can pay-off. Good recruiters know the value in bulding a network of quality people who they can call on for information or jobs. Recruiters can offer insights on employers, and give tips that help those interviews go over the top.

You can find more information about jobs available through Ryan's agency at http://www.greythorn.com/.

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NOTE: Please contact Michael if you are interested in being a guest on "Tales from the job search trenches" podcasts. Michael would like to discuss your job search strategy, and brainstorm ways to improve it with you.

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  1. Thanks, Ryan! Great insights! For anyone looking to learn more about the FiveTen Group and Greythorn's services, please use the following contacts:

    Nathan Ollestad
    Business Intelligence and Infrastructure
    (425) 460-4282

    Joyce St. Clair
    Software Development & Internet
    (425) 460-4292

    Shane Myers
    (425) 460-4283

    Annette Turner
    Healthcare / Healthcare IT
    (425) 460-4291

    Ryan Lum
    Project Management, Software Dev & Infrastructure
    (425) 460-4291

    Please also research our company profile at www.fivetengroup.com