21 March 2012

The next step of the cloud – making the office virtual

In this episode of the Uhuru podcast show Ben Yehooda (the CEO ofLevaman) talks about how his company is building cloud services to make the virtual office of the future a reality today. Just as the cloud has made it possible for companies to avoid having to build their own physical IT infrastructure, Ben is working hard to eliminate the need for physical infrastructure too.
Why can’t employees just work together remotely from wherever they are? Why invest in expensive office space? Ben explains why he thinks tools like Skype and Office 365 are limited in their abilities to re-create the vibrant office environments with serendipitous conversations and sharing of information.
Levaman practices what they preach. Their employees are scattered around the world and they have never owned a physical server.
You can hear ben talk about his vision of the cloud and virtual offices here:

Download the sound(right click and save as link) : Download