15 November 2012

Secrets of a master blogger

In this episode of the Uhuru podcast show Mukesh Agarwal shares the secrets that have led him to be a master blogger, able to make an actual income of his sites. It turns out that the key to blogging success is simple: deliver what readers want. Mukesh explains how he has been able to constantly hone his blogs by watching which subjects attract the most interest and then focus on that. He is constantly creating new blogs targeted to subjects readers are most interested in. Of course, it helps to have useful content and a real interest in the topics you write about. Mukesh’s natural interest in VOIP has made blogging about methods to better use the internet for audio conversations a natural fit.
His web sites on the Uhuru service consistently outrank the thousands of other sites in traffic levels.
Mukesh has found the Uhuru service offers the kind of advanced features he is looking in running his sites but he has certainly felt the pain of some of the Uhuru service outages while it is in beta is eager to see it go into commercial operation. Even an hour of downtime a month is a big deal to Mukesh’s blogs that get hundreds of thousands of visitors a day.
You can reach Mukesh by using the contact form at http://www.freecallshub.com/

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