03 August 2012

Visual Studio Takes The “Integration” Of Ides Further Than Ever

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Ryan Berry, an Application Development Manager, explains how the breadth of integration in Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE greatly simplifies the life of developers and increases productivity. When using Visual Studio Ryan can automatically file bugs, see notes from other developers, and even publish his apps to the cloud. Visual Studio features like Intellisense and XAML UI editing (new in VS 2012) take the pain out of getting things right the first time and reduce the amount of context switching developers have to go through when using lots of different tools.

Ryan is particularly happy to use Visual Studio 2012 with its closer integration with Team Foundation Server and Azure. He can easily manage his apps through the entire life-cycle, letting TFS publish his app for testing, integration with other developers and then to the Azure cloud. Ryan does point out that all this IDE automation comes at a cost. He tells about one company that ran into trouble building an app that used the .NET Entity Framework rich text field for storing pictures. The app choked under heavy load with lots of pictures loaded. The simplicity of the VS tools made it easy to walk into a problem like this, without understanding what was actually happening under the covers.

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