26 October 2005

A Miracle in Economics Education...

I became a teacher in order to help make the world a more rational place by educating our youth. I choose to teach middle school and high school students so as to have a chance to give them the right tools with which to handle reality early rather than attempting to re-educate them at the university level after their minds have been misguided or neglected from middle school. I also fervently believe that most students are capable of learning most of what is currently reserved for high school while in middle school and what is currently reserved for undergraduate university while in high school. As a teacher, I can only reach 120 or so students per year. At that rate, it will take a long time to educate the world.

Wouldn't it be marvelous if there were an organization to "promote excellence in economic education by helping teachers of economics become more effective educators?" Wouldn't it be even better if such an organization were to train teachers around the country for FREE?

There is such an organization...

I couldn't fully believe it to be true until I actually attended such a course this summer. I took a week-long course entitled Economics for Leaders (http://fte.org/teachers/programs/efl/) and it was absolutely free. It is now my intent to attend every course offered by the Foundation for Teaching Economics (http://fte.org/) at my earliest opportunity. It is an extraordinary organization with a mission that matches my own. They also offer online courses.

Most of their programs are for teachers, but some of them are also for rising high school seniors. I highly recommend FTE programs to any motivated students or teachers who qualify.