11 May 2010

Michael: The Model Job Seeker

Matt Youngquist wrote a very flattering piece on his career coaching blog, highlighting my podcasting and entrepreneurial efforts. Who'd have thunk that I would be cited as an example for others to emulate?

If nothing else, hearing such kind words certainly buoys my spirits, which can take a drubbing now and again, as I keep slogging away with a lengthy job search.

As a “new media” aficionado and somebody who had always prided himself on proactive thinking and creative problem-solving, he decided the best path to his career future would be to go on offense, rather than defense.

The result? After setting up a simple blog portal, Pomp & Surkanstance, Michael started reaching out to dozens of local entrepreneurs, technology luminaries, and business leaders — not to ask them for a job, but to ask to interview them for a special series of podcasts he had decided to start producing. He branded this project “Entrepreneurs Northwest” and found that his invitations were usually received with open arms...

So if you’re in transition and feeling a bit rudderless at the moment, I’ve got just three words for you. Be like Mike. Go on offense. Create momentum. Find a way to start working on something, even if it’s not a revenue-producing something. As any career coach worth their salt could tell you, the real opportunities aren’t found sitting behind a computer, they’re found out in the market and you find them by talking to lots and lots of people. So conjure up your own project that will facilitate some relevant conversations — and go for it!

You can read the full article on Matt's site.

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