20 May 2010

LS: How to succeed as an entrepreneur in Seattle

In this episode of Linked:Seattle radio, we talk about entrepreneurship in Seattle. Seattle is a great town for entrepreneurs. There are a lot of associations, and resources available. Charlotte Wintermann and Ian Lurie share their experiences with starting businesses and answer questions about resources that are available to Seattle entrepreneurs.

You can check out the Linked:Seattle entrepreneur group for further information on resources, and to join in the discussions with other business people.

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  1. If you're interested in some of the resource links mentioned in this cast, you can find them here: http://wintermann.com/?p=286


  2. Charlotte, is there a resource for finding a existing business that is either for sale or looking for partners for growth?

  3. Hi Scott, I would first actually steer you to LinkedIn groups, specific to the type of business you're interested in -- Just search for the industry and join a few groups that make sense. Usually those folks range from SMB to large businesses and many use that source as a primary business link. (There are actually several groups that deal with the topic of buy/sell/expand business).

    The second most relevant place is (ah, you guessed it?) craigslist. Given their volume and rank (they are in the top 5 last I checked); it's a great resource for your kind of search as well.

    Thirdly, I would spend 30 minutes searching vertical-specific sites you are interested in, and subscribe based on your criteria. Any network-specific site will usually propagate like-minded folks and you should be able to connect with them based on what you are looking for.

    Hope that helps! If you are after more specific information (perhaps I know someone in the industry you are interested in), just zip to my website and send me an email inquiry with some details. I'm happy to help where I can!


  4. Charlotte, thank you for your insights. I focused on consumer products industry. I have spent most of my career in this industry with both fortune 100 and small private equity companies leading teams in exceeding financial goals. I have amassed some potetnial investors that are willing to explore any opportunties hence my effort. Any other thoughts you may have are appreciated.

  5. Hi Scott, I'd love to hear more details and see who I could connect you with. Send me a private email here (http://wintermann.com/?page_id=48) and we can connect directly.