09 February 2011

EPNW: The philosophy of organic marketing – where marketing and life fit into balance

In this episode Jim Hodgson explains how blogging has helped him find new meaning in life, and focused his thoughts to allow him to achieve previously unobtainable goals. Jim has went from being vastly overweight to a triathlete and outdoorsman (recently trekking up Kilimanjaro). We also discuss Jim’s concept of “organic marketing”, which seeks to pull people in who are interested rather than blast the universe with useless spam. Sharing details on the internet about yourself, or business, can go a long way to winning over customers. Not only do customers want to know about the product, but they also love to feel a connection with the people or businesses they work with.

You can check out Jim’s blog about philosophy and achieving goals here:

Information on organic marketing can be found here:

Download the sound(right click and save as link) : Download

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