23 July 2010

Linked:Seattle Radio - An insider's view of Microsoft's past and future

Listen to ex-Microsoft employees discuss how the company is addressing the challenges and opportunities before it today, and what lies in store. Is Microsoft headed to genteel decline, or is it about to embark on a new era of growth and technological development? Be sure to check out the Linked:Seattle community at http://bit.ly/LinkedSeattle.

You can also check out an article I wrote about my experiences at Microsoft here:

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  1. Lots of conjecture and not much insight

  2. Somewhat interesting, but doesn't really hi-lite the large problems that have come into existence (rather, to the forefront) over the past 3 years that have caused the decline of the company. Chief among these is the change in management culture, primarily brought about by the combination of inexperienced, un-incented, managers along with the processes/communications/hierarchical structure they operate within. In short, "empty suits" in a bloated environment. Amusing to me, who had responsibility for a close multi-million $ partnership with IBM during the '80s, that Microsoft is VERY much like the screwed up IBM back then...now they've switched places in many ways, with MSFT like the old IBM and IBM more like the old innovative, faster moving MSFT. This time, it doesn't look promising that MSFT can turn this around over the next 10yrs like IBM did, simply because there are multiple big competitors this time around (Google, Apple, SAP, Oracle, etc etc). That's a shame, as I have been an unabashed FAN of MSFT since 1983.

    I don't buy the premise that just because a company is huge that they can't continue to lead innovation and sector growth.

    Full disclosure: I do not & have not worked for Microsoft, but was "badged" for many years on the Redmond campus (as a partner) and am still surrounded by neighbors & close friends who either still work there or recently left (who keep me up to date on the insider's view).

    Michael: Good to see you doing a program on this topic, thanks!