24 June 2010

Linked:Seattle Radio: Seattle Job Search Mojo

In this episode of Linked:Seattle Radio, professional recruiter John Polhill guest hosts a discussion about "How to get your Successful Job Search & Interview Mojo back & get hired tomorrow." HR expert, and Linked:Seattle Career Center manager, Lesa Keller also joins the show with Matt Youngquist, a career coach in the Seattle area to offer their advice on job searches as well.

If you are wondering whether employers are only interesting in candidates who already have jobs, or if it is career limiting to take jobs beneath your qualifications, or just want to hear about how to keep your energy up as a job seeker, this is the show you need to hear.

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NOTE: The Linked:Seattle Career Center is the best place on LinkedIn to find jobs in Seattle and participate in discussions with area recruiters, career coaches, and job candidates. You can also check out Michael Surkan’s "Tales from the job search trenches" podcasts.

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