02 June 2006

don't punish the soldiers

The US administration is at it again, punishing the lowly soldier for war crimes that were the inevitable result of the precarious situation these patriotic warriors were placed in. The prosecution of marines for a civilian massacre in Haditha (Iraq), will result in the same hollow justice found in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse.

Don't blame the soliders. They have been placed in an impossible position, fighting for their lives in a hostile country where everyone is a possible enemy. It only makes sense that there will be over-reactions, now and again, with the tragic loss of innocent life. The people who deserve the real responsibility are the leaders who put these soldiers in a no-win war, that destroys the psyche.

No matter. The US administration will get it's mug-shots of disgraced marines to parade in the media, allowing it to demonstrate it's commitment to justice for the Iraqi people.

Of course, no one will ever comment that the real solution to avoid future such civilian massacres by US troops is to get the hell-out-of Dodge, and leave Iraq to it's own devices. Sure, Iraq will descend into messy civil war, and cause great instability (and possibly terrorism) if the US withdraws, but the presence of US forces isn't making things better and only delays the inevitable.

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